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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 24, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> sharon you're doing "america's got talent" with me. >> you have strict instructions to keep her out of trouble please. >> trust me it comes the other way. i'm the one in trouble. great fun. and a great show. back on nbc in the summer. thank you both. it's been a great pleasure, ladies, to have you on. i really enjoyed it. thank you. that's all for tonight. grounded. a tornado slams into the st. louis airports forcing passengers to scramble and grounding flights. tonight, a clearer picture of the damage. an entire airport shut down and around the area more than 700 homes damaged. we'll have you there in just a minute. missing teen missing no more. the case of felicia barnes and the raw emotion from her mother and a message to her killer or killers. first come, first serve
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would get the least punishment from god. plus, the music that celebrates god being honored this weekend. my conversation with the outspoken host of this year's awards "the view's" shear sherry sheppard. >> i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. the news starts now. it is the most powerful tornado to hit st. louis in more than four decades. nine communities impacted, 750 homes damaged. some of them obliterated into piles of rubble. incredibly, no reports of death or serious injuries. but the twister crippled the st. louis airport. passengers had to run for cover as it came right for them. cnn's dan simon at the airport tonight. where only a handful of flights have landed. dan? >> reporter: don, we're at the main terminal at the airport. you can see what's happening behind me. crews busting out these windows that have cracked in front of them. you can see it will fall here to the ground. we're getting a real sense of
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what things look like when the storm came through. airport security cameras show what it was like inside the moment the tornado struck. right now everything appears fine. then the lights go out, debris starts swirling, tsa officer run for over. another angle. watch as this guy on a cell phone looks behind him and sees things are not normal. seconds later it appears this whole concourse is swept up by the powerful wind. >> go back inside! >> reporter: the aftermath, a scene of broken windows and an airport that has to be quickly shut down. one arriving passenger says he saw the wind actually force a plane to slide 20 feet from the gate. >> by the time you get to the terminal, we got to the terminal, lights were out, there was glass everywhere. it was open. build was blood everywhere.
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>> reporter: the tornadoes ripped through nine communities destroying dozens of homes. amid all the devastation mostly just minor injuries. authorities credit that to people heeding the warnings. >> that was not only because we had a 34-minute lead time, but because our media partners carried that warning immediately to the public and, thirdly, that the public did what we have told them to do. >> reporter: still, with so many dislodged from their homes, the red cross opened several shelters. back at the airport, crews began the tedious process of boarding up windows. any glass that had a crack was taken down. airport officials say most operations will resume when the power is restored. >> we're hopeful to have a handful of inbound flights here tonight, just inbound flights, no outbound flights.
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we're working towards reopening the airport for tomorrow which will include inbound and outbound flies. >> reporter: while the airline traffic may resume, the cosmetic damage you see here may take months to repair. >> thank you very much. the trchd also did some major damage to a st. louis church, but that won't stop the easter masses there tomorrow. high winds toppled the ste ed t of the holy cross catholic church. only about nine flights tonight are touching down at the st. louis airport and there you see our casey joyce, she's right there. she's with our ksdk. thank you for joining us tonight. what's the update on the airport and the situation there? >> reporter: as you can see for the first time in two days, we have lights here. that has come back on in the last two hours and i think that was a welcome sight for many who have been here for the last two days. now, they were anticipating about nine flights flying in tonight. two air-tran flights and three
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american airlines flights and four southwest airlines flights. i got off the phone with air-tran and delta, rather, not american airlines, and they have had to cancel those flights. those flights that would have come into terminal one where we are standing, the terminal that sustained the most damage, those flights will not be coming in tonight. they're going to try to bring them in tomorrow instead. so far in terminal two, the terminal that was not really damaged by the storm, that's where southwest is, we've seen three flights come in tonight. we've talked to some of the passengers over there who had kind of been juggled around in their attempt to get to st. louis over the last couple of days. also in terminal two, we found about ten people who have been camped out there stuck there since friday. they're sleeping in cupboards, sleeping on baggage carousels. they have kind of created their own family of people as they're waiting for their flights to go out tomorrow morning. they're hoping that they can go out tomorrow morning. that's when the airport says that they expect to be at about 70% of their normal activity at
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the airport. so ideally they will get those people to where they want to go by easter morning, but that could all change depending on the progress that they make here tonight. as you can kind of hear in the background behind me, there's lots of hammering, drilling as they are working to repair some of the broken glass and try to get this airport operational. and fully functional as soon as they can. >> casey joyce with our affiliate in st. louis. thank you, casey. no let up in the brutal crackdown. government crackdown in syria. witnesses tell cnn that government security forces opened fire from rooftops today killing at least ten protesters who turned out to mourn dozens who were killed on friday. friday's crackdown was one of syrias bloodiest battles yet. nearly 80 people were killed when security forces and demonstrators crashed across several cities. now to libya, the pentagon confirms the u.s. has launched its first predator drone strike. it happened earlier today. details are scant but nato says
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the unmanned air strike destroyed a multiple rocket launcher used by gadhafi forces outside of misrata. the launcher was being used to target civilians there. and a major victory for rebels in that key coastal city. opposition leaders say they successfully forced gadhafi troops out of misrata city center. they have also retaken the city's critical port. libya's government admits its soldiers are retreating but vows tribal fighters will remain. a spokesman says gadhafi is simply trying to disguise his army's defeat. gadhafi still clings to power but yemen's embattled leader says he's ready to quick. the president has agreed in principal to step down within 30 days. yemen's neighboring persian gulf nations brokered the agreement which grants complete immunity
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or him and members of his regime but he has yet to sign it. the deal comes after months of deadly protests across that country. anti-government activists are pushing for reforms. just ahead, imagine chatting with a loved one via web cam and seeing them attacked right before your very eyes, but you're helpless to do anything about it. this horrible nightmare really happened and that story is next for you. and do you remember the missing teenager, her name is felicia barnes? we covered her plight in the cnn newsroom? there are new details to tell you about. many have been asking for information about the story we cover on social media. reach out us to at and on but to be successful, i knew i had to be different. ink, ink, ink, ink, ink... i mean i love that card. it does things differently too. great customer service, going above and beyond to help me out as a small business. it's accepted in twice as many places around the world
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. when they sent their only daughter from their home in beijing to study in toronto, never did they parents imagine that seven months later they would be boarding a plane to retrieve her body. >> that was a report from our affiliate ctv on the victim of a murder that was witnessed by her friend on the other side of the world. a 23-year-old exchange student from beijing was in her toronto apartment chatting with her boyfriend in china over a web cam. suddenly a man knocked on her door asking to use the phone. then police say her boyfriend watched the screen helplessly as the man attacked her and then shut off her computer. she was later found dead naked from the waist down. the crime sounds like something you would see ripped from the headlines on a show like "csi."
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>> if i told you my name, i'm afraid i'd have to kill you. >> well, jim is a writer and an adviser for another crime show, the cbs family drama "criminal minds." he's also a former fbi special agent. jim, this is a horrible crime, but the web cam adds near layer to it, doesn't it? >> yeah. it's as if they created an accidental cyber witness in this case. and basically it documented something that happens often, but nobody really gets a chance to see it. >> let's talk about this particular case. reports say that the boyfriend who witnessed this tried to reach the victim's friends, two friends and the landlord found her body ten hours later. why weren't the police involved earlier? was there a window that was missed? >> it looks like there may have been a window of opportunity that was missed. perhaps it's that phenomenon
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that when people see or experience something over the internet they don't take it as serio seriously. maybe he didn't really understand that her life was being threatened at that point, but he certainly could have, i guess, called 911 and hopefully they would have intervened. >> okay. her body was naked from the waist down. the police says there were no obvious signs of sexual assault. we're also awaiting the cause of death. when the coroner's report comes back, what will they likely find here? >> well, don, it's very common in cases like this to actually not have any physical manifestations of sexual assault. but when you see a body like this that's naked from the waist down, there's at least sexual intent, and it may be that he was interrupted and didn't get to finish what he had planned on doing or the sexual activity that he actually engaged in was some kind of paraphilia that wasn't what we would call normal sex. >> okay. let's talk about the suspect. the suspect in this case is brian dickson, 29 years old,
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tall, some have said he's good looking. how would he know to target this victim and why? >> well, i don't know if he's actually the offender, but i will tell you the offender had to be slightly educated in that he used a ruse. that tells us he has a level of sophistication, that he understands he needs to assess the situation before he just barges in. he knocked on the door, asked to use the phone to assess her vulnerability, her security awareness, and probably also to determine if there was anybody else in the place. >> have you ever done a case like this on "criminal minds" and are these shows helping or hurting law enforcement by giving killers a how-to about these investigations? >> well, no, on "criminal minds" we stay away from really the offender behavior. we focus on the victims actually. what we focus on is not the forensics on how to commit a better crime but we focus on the behavior that the offender does that's intrinsic to that person. it's difficult for a offender to change that kind of behavior
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because it satisfies a need or desire of that particular offender. >> all right. >> we have -- i'm sorry. >> go ahead, no. continue. >> we've done other shows, in fact i just wrote one, and we shot it recently. it's going to air next month about bodies showing up or remains showing up on a beach and so sometimes it just happens that the shows you put on the air document something that happens in real life as well. >> you're talking about one that is very close to the long island serial killings. they found a few teeth there. does that say anything, can you get dna from that? is that going to be helpful in the investigation? that's the latest from long island. >> sure. it depends. it's not the quantity of teeth. it would be the quality of teeth, the condition they're in. but, sure, it's certainly capable to derive dna from human teeth and identify a person. >> all right. thank you very much for that jim
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clemente. we appreciate you joining us here on saturday night. up next, a mother's plea. my interview with felicia barnes' mother including her powerful and emotional plea to those responsible for her daughter's disappearance. nt. nt. ink, ink, ink, ink, ink... i mean i love that card. it does things differently too. great customer service, going above and beyond to help me out as a small business. it's accepted in twice as many places around the world as american express, and if i ever need to give my employees ink cards, they're free. announcer: make your mark with ink. chase what matters. go to before i started taking abilify, i was taking an antidepressant alone. most days i could put on a brave face and muddle through. but other days i still struggled with my depression. i was managing, but it always had a way of creeping up on me. i felt stuck. i just couldn't shake my depression. so i talked to my doctor.
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missing honor student from north carolina, has found. dam workers discovered her nude body in a maryland river this week. barnes vanished in december after traveling to baltimore to visit her half sister. the body of an unidentified man was also found in the river about four miles down stream. officials say there's no evidence linking the two deaths other than the close proximity of their bodies. >> finding her body is really going to be instrumental in giving us an opportunity to bring closure to the family. just without it, it would have been an incredibly difficult case. >> police have very few leads so far. their first task is to identify the male found in the river near barnes. obviously, it's a tragic ending for a bright and promising teen and a saddout cooutcome for her parents and so many others who held out hope.
1:20 am
i want you to listen to my interview to her mother who came back on the show back in january, particularly her surprise emotional plea at the end for her daughter's safety. the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, she went to stay with her stepsister for christmas and you trusted -- >> not step, her half sister. >> and you trusted this older person. i think her name is edina. >> yes. >> and you trusted her and you said for you there were some odd circumstances on the evening your daughter disappeared that you're concerned about? >> well, from what i read from the typed itinerary, it was very disturbing of what i read, and still a lot of loose ties that and a lot of dead fish that's continued to smell that doesn't make sense to me. >> like? do you want to talk about it? >> the time frames and that she had fallen asleep on the couch and it wonders if she fell asleep because she was doped up,
1:21 am
because that's not her character to get dressed just to fall asleep. when she gets dressed, she's anxious to go to where she's planning on going. >> this is completely out of character for her. >> completely out of character that i know. >> okay. we talked about that, some of the criticism we got in e-mails, social media, even the police said that he felt that some of the national media, that it was anemic. they're calling this baltimore police say it's their natalee holloway but they're not seeing it all over the media. doul care to comment on that? >> not really because that's not important to me. the issues that racial and social issues, that's not important to me. >> you want your daughter back. >> i want my baby back, and if -- even if i had her back, the racial and social issues still wouldn't be important to me because to me it's wasteless and i don't focus on wasteful
1:22 am
situations. >> i'm so glad you say that so i don't have to respond to everyone who wrote me a letter and asked about that. do you have some idea of what you believe happened? >> i can't honestly answer that because all type of ideas go through my head on what happened, what could have happened, what may have happened. >> and i have to ask you this question, are you prepared for the worst? >> for reality as best as -- well, you really can't prepare for a tragic. you have to deal with it as it comes. it's no way to prepare. >> yeah. >> you just have to keep asking god for the strength. >> do you believe she's still with us? >> i don't believe she's disconnected from me. >> alive? >> i feel that she's still out there. however, i feel that she's being terribly mistreated, inhaw
1:23 am
mainmain -- inhumanely so. >> we hope she's all right. thank you for being so honest. best of luck. our thoughts and prayers, okay? >> i need to say something to anyone who knows any information or the people who may have her. >> uh-huh. >> each and every day i feel that i am having labor pains because my daughter is not with me. i'm going to plead with all shut lips who knows about it, the perpetrators who have been involved in her disappearance, i'm going to ask you to please let my baby go. however, if you choose not to listen to what i'm begging of
1:24 am
you, i have already went to god and have written down in black and white the punishment that i have requested for each and every individual who is involved. and it's not very nice and it's going to be way, way far than what you think you can bear. however, first come, first serve will get the least punishment from god. >> i spoke with her stepfather yesterday. he said they are heart broken obviously, especially her mother who he says is having a tough time just keeping it together. he thanked me for interviewing her and putting the story on national television and tonight our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity...
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while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you. female announcer: through the transitions healthy sight for life fund, we support the education efforts of prevent blindness america. learn about protecting your vision at we're going through every detail we can so it's planned in advance and we don't leave anything to chance. >> britain's royal wedding now has a very american twist to it. the image of prince william and kate immortalized on the etch-a-sketch. wjw reports a london gallery commissioned artist george to create the artwork. it's part of the growing craze about the event. buckingham palace released an edited guest list and zain verjee is in london on the
1:28 am
latest with who is invited. >> reporter: westminster abbey has always been seen as the historical and geographic anchor as the city of london. the last time this abbey saw a big royal wedding was in 1986 when prince andrew married fergie. now it's just a few days to go for us to see prince william marry kate middleton. the excitement is building up. listen to what people have to say. are you excited about the wedding or not really? >> i'm pretty excited. i didn't want to be here on the day because it would be way too busy but i'm having my mom tape it for me. >> what about you? >> we're pretty excited. a little too busy, a little too crowded. probably best to see it today. >> i think it's going to be very form fitting, long train. i don't think it's going to be anything like diana's. i still remember watching diana and charles' wedding when i was a little girl and it was unbelievable. >> do you think we need a good stir li
1:29 am
story like this, just something happy? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> yes, the world definitely needs it and it's exciting to be here. everybody is very excited. people are happy. it's a great atmosphere. >> reporter: are you excited about the royal wedding? >> oh, yes. i'm excited for them, but i'm here as a tourist who i'm trying to avoid the royal wedding so that the people from england can have their time with the royals and we americans will come in and see the beautiful sights and then we'll be out of town. >> reporter: the guest list also came out today. there are members obviously of the royal family, also foreign royal dignitaries as well as members of the defense and political establishment in this country, and, of course, i had to pick out the celebrities here. elton john, a close friend of the late princess diana is invited, rowan atkinson, victoria and david beckham are invited. the film director of "lock stock and two smoking barrels" guy richie will be here as well as
1:30 am
ian thorpe, also known as the thorpedo. as the easter weekend, where are prince william and kate middleton? they are according to clarence house subpoenaeding easter weekend with family and they're out in the countryside. just a few more days to go before their big day and everyone here is saying will the weather hold up on friday? we're keeping our fingers crossed. don? >> all right, thank you very much. cnn's coverage of the big day begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern this friday. the royal wedding, less than a week away and while there's been a lot of hype, we wanted to know how many americans, how many of you really care and if so, why or why not? so we went out and asked, and we want you to listen to the reaction. >> ever since diana passed, it's nice to see her son in that specific situation. >> that's the most important thing to me is how long her train is.
1:31 am
>> and the big ring, the rock he's giving her. >> she's not marrying him for the money. she's marrying him because she loves him. ♪ there's love in the air >> are you going to be watching the wedding? >> probably not? >> how about you? show of hands. >> she's beautiful and classy. >> yeah, i'm going to watch it, yeah. because it's interesting. >> it's at 5:00 in the morning. are you going to watch it? >> yeah, i'm going to watch it. >> ambush interview, cnn, who is that? >> that is prince william and kate middleton. >> and what's happening in april? >> they're getting married. >> tell me how much you care. >> zero. >> not a lot. >> i care. i'll watch it. >> more excited for the royal divorce than the royal wedding. hope he's getting lawyers, prenup, get her to sign if he's smart. >> okay. twitter verse, i heard you. i hear you. no more royal wedding stories. we got do it. it's a big event, i'm sorry. coming up, lindsay lohan
1:32 am
already out of jail. just how short was her latest stint and hear why she'll probably stay in her cell much longer next time. it's all after the break. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this. [ male announcer ] you do, business pro. you do. go national. go like a pro. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with the most advanced engine in its class, 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the all-new xuv 825i will shatter your expectations.
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discover the fastest, most powerful gator yet, at
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want to update you on your top stories on cnn. oh, gosh. >> that's really frightening, running for cover inside the st. louis airport as a tornado bears down. it was the most powerful tornado to hit the city since 1967.
1:35 am
only a handful of flights are landing at the airport tonight, but planes won't really get back on schedule until sunday. other areas got hit badly, too. about 750 homes were damaged but there are no reports of death nor serious injuries. a major development out of yemen tonight. a government official says the embattled president has agreed in principal to step down within 30 days. yemen's neighboring persian gulf nations brokered the agreement which grants him complete immunity. no let up in the brutal government crackdown in syria. i want you to watch this. witnesses tell cnn that syrian security forces opened fire from rooftops today killing at least ten protesters who turned out to mourn dozens who were killed friday. yesterday's crackdown was one of syria's bloodiest battles. nearly 80 people were killed when security forces and demonstrators clashed across several cities.
1:36 am
now, to hollywood and lindsay lohan. she did time on friday. did you know? but her stay in jail lasted about as long as a flight from new york to l.a. about five hours. lohan was in court yesterday for a charge she stole a necklace. a victory there since the judge reduced the count against her from a felony to a misdemeanor. that case is going to trial. but lohan did yesterday's jail time and is facing more for a separate reason. her legal life has a lot of twists and a lot of turns. and to sort it out with us now, cnn wire and entertainment editor alan duke. okay. more with the lindsay lohan saga. why did lindsay lohan go to jail yesterday? and how did she get out so quickly? >> well, first of all, it was quite a surprise to lindsay lohan, not to me, but i don't think she thought her day in court would end with her fifth mug shot being made and five hours in jail. it was because of a probation
1:37 am
violation. indirectly because of the alleged necklace theft. of course, that trial comes later, but it's against your probation if you are arrested and that she was, and so the judge said, i've got to punish you for it. this is all dating back to 2007, two drunk driving convictions that year. the only thing she's ever been convicted of. that's why she went to jail yesterday and she faces four months. >> hang on here. how many mug shots has she had take snn. >> five? >> and she's surprised she went to jail? >> she's been there 13, 14 days but she's always been able to post bond or check into rehab. this time it's a little different because this is about stealing something and the others were about alcohol and drug abuse, and is there a rehab for shoplift? perhaps dr. drew has one but i can tell you this judge thinks rehab is going to be in jail.
1:38 am
>> so her attorney is appealing her probation. so what's going on with her trial on the theft charges now? >> she'll be in court on may 11th for a pretrial hearing and then june 3rd supposedly that trial will start. of course, there could always now be a plea agreement. you know, a month ago she rejected a plea deal that probably would have given her five or six months in jail. maybe now it's been reduced to a misdemeanor, maybe her lawyer will get with the prosecution which probably is a different prosecutor now and they will plea it out and she'll probably do some jail time. i think maybe do that four months under this judge. >> all right. we're going to have to have a meeting after the show. i'm debating a lohan-free newscast. >> oh, no. >> alan, let me tell you, everybody is sick of lindsay lohan because she goes to court and then she gets off and then she does something else and they let her off and she goes again. it's enough already. tough love. get your act together. she has everything in the world going for her and she's screwing it up. so let's move on now. >> it's very frustrating.
1:39 am
>> a documentary debuted yesterday called palm wonderful presents. you spoke to its creator and it's supposedly a really good flick. what's the point that he's trying to make in all of this? >> well, he embraced product placement to make the point of product placement, educate you, the viewer, about how you're being sold things all the time. so these sponsors that he went out and got in the course of filming the movie paid the million and a half to produce the movie. he's quite an interesting guy, the one who brought us the super size me movie that changed my eating habits. let's listen to something he explained to me. >> okay. >> i think the biggest take away for the film is one, awareness. understanding literally from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, someone is marketing to you, someone is advertising to you. we live in a world where it's almost as if everything is brought to you by a sponsor.
1:40 am
ultimately the question becomes do we want to live in a world where it takes sponsors to make everything a responsibility. >> i'm so refreshed to have a conversation with somebody who is not trying to sell me something. i appreciate it. >> be sure to go see the movie in theaters april 22nd. >> alan, so he's trying to sell his movie. come on, everything is about making money. it all is. >> that was his point and i hope you have seen super size me because it will make a point, too. the guy is very smart storyteller, and he yaets peoed people about things happening in their world. >> alan duke, sorry to be so hard on you about lindsay lohan but it's very us from tfrustrat. >> it occupies a large part of moo i life. >> when you think about the economy, people out of work, and wars and whatever and you're like, come on, lindsay, come on. thank you, alan. appreciate it. all right. have to admit this week i was on
1:41 am
another network. here is a clip from "the view." >> you guys know who tim tebow is. >> he's a football player. >> don lemon from cnn was down there. so it was really great. >> did whoopi just say i was cute? >> why is sheri shepherd talking about me? because i spent a lot of time talking to her about why she loved christian music. shepherd opens up like few celebs do. before we do that, i want to you remember this. we all remember 9/11 as a day of loss and destruction in new york city. and one new yorker vowed never to forget the help his city received after the attack. since 2004 jeff parness has been saying thank you. he started a cycle of paying it forward that snowballed across the u.s. that's why he's this week's cnn hero. >> september 11th was a tough
1:42 am
time for the department. i lost some friends. afterwards people came from everywhere to help us out. it was incredible. a new yorker to see that outpouring of kindness and generosity was more powerful than the terror that happened. that really changed me. i'm jeff parness and i just want to show the world that new yorkers will never forget what people did for us following 9/11. every year on the 9/11 anniversary we take volunteers from new york and send them to some part of the country where they had a disaster and help folks rebuild. >> nice to meet you. >> there is a grain silo. it's definitely a little culture shock. >> we're building homes or barnes or churches to say thank you. more than half our volunteers are not from new york. people from all the small towns we have helped they keep showing up to help the next community. they're from louisiana and california and indiana and illinois. every year you keep seeing more t-shirts from more locations.
1:43 am
>> after cakatrina we jumped on his bandwagon. >> it's like a big dysfunctional family reunion. >> it's a relationship that will help you heal. >> it's about using the 9/11 anniversary to celebrate in that volunteer spirit. >> we'll see you next year. >> i said you want to thank me, show up on the next one. >> jeff's next project will rebuild an animal shelter in georgia destroyed by a tornado earlier this month. a documentary premieres at the prii becca film festival next year. then...over time... become dull... and lose their luster because washing in the bargain brand can leave dirt from the wash on your clothes causing your whites to get dingy.
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sheri shepherd will make you laugh as she does every day co-hosting the talk show "the view." so you know she's got the comedy in here and the talk in her, but we all know that. did you know she's got the music in her as well? gospel music. she's hoping tomorrow night's dove awards. in tonight's what matters she talks about her relationship with god and godly music and how it's lifted her through troubled
1:47 am
times. take a listen. >> and this is what i say, because christian music is just progressing. some people say what am i going to get out of watching something like the doves. sometimes you can only listen to drop it like it's hot for so long and then you need lyrics that are going to uplift you. casting crowns is like when you fall the stars are there, get back up. no mat wear religion you're in or who you are, somebody is saying get back up again you can do this. >> what do you know about drop it like it's hot? >> you know, before i was in my little glory days, we all had our -- stop, don, like you didn't. i saw you at the club last tuesday 9:30. >> that was last night. >> tuesday last night. >> right there. >> but you know about that, too. you can be a christian, you can be born again, you can change
1:48 am
your life and still have a rough past. you had a rough past. you said you had more abortions than you wanted to count. >> absolutely. and it was music that got me through that. back way when i was young, i didn't know a lot about anything, and so i did, and i had a lot of shame with that. and somebody said something at a women of faith concert i went to, and it was they were singing a lot of gospel music. one of the artists said to me when you get up to heaven, all your babies are going to be there with their arms open wide saying mama. it released me from being so ashamed of what i did. so i tell those kind of stories to be able to inspire other people to say, you noah? everybody has got a past, but you don't have to relive it all the time and that past is not you. >> it's a wake. it's in the back. it's like a wake in the back of the boat. do you think that religion, do you think church does enough to allow people to be able to say i did that, i am sorry, i can be
1:49 am
forgiven for it or do you think it's something we sort of keep squashed down and not -- >> i think a lot of people keep it squashed down. you go to church to have somebody help you with knowing how to do something like that, but it's not -- not only church, i think it's about our relationship with god. like i say even being on "the view," i don't want to thuch you thump you over the head with my bible. it's very cool to love god. i don't want to go, you're going to hell! that's not the way i live my life. i live my life -- it's just so cool to love this god. >> but you get people love you and people love elizabeth for being conservative, they love you for being religious but you also get a lot of criticism for it, too. what do you say? >> you're going to get criticism no matter what you do. this is a line from cat williams i love. >> oh -- >> and i'm talking about the lord and cat williams. if you don't have six haters by
1:50 am
the end of june, you're doing something wrong. >> but wait, she has much more to say. right after the break she'll talk to me about how she's participating in helping to raise, follow me here, the son of her now ex-husband and his mistress. that's right. the child born from her man's infidelity. but i don't think she'd go for a guy like -- [ ping! ] she says she'd love to. [ ping! ] she can't wait to see me. [ ping! ] she's wanted me to ask her out for over a year now! [ ping! ] she just sent me a video. [ girl's voice ] hi stephen, can't wait for our date! oh, can i see that? aah! [ male announcer ] in the network, sparks fly faster. at&t is getting faster with 4g. rethink possible.
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1:53 am
you like the old school. ♪ >> that's it. >> okay. >> don't move this mountain. >> i'm climbing up. you're on the rough side of the mountain. that's my grandmother's music. >> that's what i like. >> that's what i grew up listening to. >> that's what i grew up listening to as well. the dove awards air tomorrow. and this year's host sherri shepherd told me god and his music have helped her heal and learn to forgive. she's living true by those lessons accepting a situation many women would gladly avoid. she's helping to raise her son with the child born out her husband's extramarital affair. >> i'm very, very open. i have been very open about my divorce. it was an infidelity that resulted in a child out of wedlock that was not mine.
1:54 am
you try to make things work and you try to do as much as you can and it didn't work, and we're really trying to be the best parents we can be to our son and my son has the most beautiful brother that i could ever ask for. it's so funny my son is black. his brother is white. and they look just alike and when they see each other -- you got to let the ugliness go. you have to love your kids more than you hate each other. so when they look at each other and say booboo head and they run to each other. there's two beautiful boys from craziness who love each over. >> is it different from when you grew up, a black son, a white son, altogether. what does it say to you about race in this country? >> when you look at children, they don't know. my son doesn't care his brother is a different color. his brother doesn't care -- he calls me mommy sherri and he calls her mommy the other woman.
1:55 am
they don't -- he keeps saying her name and i was like, no, we know her as the other woman. but they don't care. kids don't care. that's the way it's supposed to be and we should be like that and i wish we could get that way. >> how do you do all that? >> prayer. a lot of prayer. going really, truly, lord, what do you want me to do? i feel like this is an amazing blessing, this life. i feel like i'm dreaming. >> getting married. >> i'm getting married. do you see that? look at that. why are you going to bring up -- i'm getting married, you got a divorce, okay. >> do you get compared to star jones a lot? >> in vegas over the new years if i could get a penny in a jar every time somebody is like, are you star jones? oh, my star jones is here. i was like no, me and al are not together anymore. it's okay. you know -- so i get compared to star all the time and star even said to me, we got to go out so
1:56 am
people can see we're two different people. you know what? thank you for the compliment. that is an honor to be compared to star jones. >> can we talk about diversity. there are two african-american women on "the view." >> nowhere on television can you see two black women hosted a major television show. even as an actress i used to say i'm sheri sheppard, i'm the black girl on all the white sitcoms. usually one african-american. so barbara walters, the fact she was innovative and progressive enough to say i understand that you're not saying the same thing because that's what people think. they think we got one black person, we don't need -- or we have one asian person why do we need another? but we don't all say the same thing. whoopi and i frequently disagree because we're so different generations. >> thank you sheri shepshepherd. it's the first time the christian music awards will be outside of nashville. good luck with that, sherri.
1:57 am
go back inside! >> our top stories tonight, running for cover inside the st. louis airport as a tornado bears down. it was the most powerful tornado to hit the city since 1967. only a handful of flights are landing at the airport tonight. but planes won't really get back on schedule until sunday. other areas got hit hard as well. about 750 homes were damaged but there are no reports of deaths nor serious injuries. i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. see you back here 6:00, 7:00, and 10:00 p.m. eastern. good night opinion to small businesses. and raised billions more for local services to help hospitals expand... and schools grow. investing in the places we all call home.
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